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Hexsweeper is an iteration on the classic Minesweeper game played on a hexagonal globe. The globe prevents the player from seeing the entire state of the board, requiring traversal across the abstract landscape to solve the larger puzzle. A hexagonal minesweeper is a unique challenge as the fewer number of adjacent cells means it's easier to deduce mine placement but more frequently than traditional minesweeper there may not be a clear correct deduction to be made.

Controls (Mouse)

  • Left Click + Drag - Move the globe
  • Left Click - Reveal the cell
  • Right Click - Toggle flag / unknown
  • Left+Right Click or Middle Click - Highlight and reveal adjacent unflagged cells

Controls (Keyboard)

  • Escape - Open Menu
  • Space - Reveal cell
  • Tab - Toggle flag / unknown
  • N - Highlight and reveal adjacent unflagged cells


The Config.xml file in the main folder contains options for sound and music volume, resolution, and full-screen. Instead of an options menu in-game, you'll need to update the config file instead.

Customizable Palettes

The colors for the game are driven entirely by XML files located in the Content/Palettes folder. It's possible to create your own and have the game use it by updating the <Palette> tag in the Config.xml file. A few other palettes have already been provided.

Status : On Hold

Hexsweeper was built a while ago in XNA, a framework from Microsoft for .NET. While it was pretty good to work in, it is limited to Windows machines and XNA was retired in 2014. For these reasons this version of Hexsweeper is unlikely to be developed further. However, if there is enough interest, I may re-write it in a more modern system that works on multiple platforms.

For comments, questions, or help, please email hexsweeper@gmail.com or post in the forum here.

Thanks for playing!

StatusOn hold
TagsAbstract, Casual, Minimalist
Average sessionA few minutes


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